Even with the presence of a restaurant online payment system Malaysia, cash is still king in an age where digital, penniless transactions are common and life is more convenient with its existence, especially when taking others like online shopping into consideration.

Cash is still the universal legal tender, and no matter how many people are trading with digital money, there are always others still using hard cash for numerous purposes. You might think that you don’t have to carry one, because with your phone, it is always possible to trade digitally. You don’t have to fatten your wallet and worry about the loss of your physical money.

Well, considering the latter, that would be useless because you can still lose money either way, only more drastically. More on that later. Now here are the reasons you should still carry some cash with you in your hands.


Worrying about pickpockets or straight up muggers is one thing, but at least you can defend yourself by either giving in and reporting to the police or fighting for your life, so long as you don’t end up in a situation where you may be charged with manslaughter. Worrying about digital threats is another story, and perhaps needs more attention.

No matter which bank your savings belong to, even with their security systems, somebody will eventually find a way around and breach through, compromising the website and stealing your money away before leaving. You are not even in charge of the bank’s online security, so you are right to feel anxious about your online money.

You can pay digitally all you want, but should the system be breached or is under maintenance, you will have no choice but to use your cash. Plus you have a line behind you, and you don’t want to waste anybody else’s time by trying to use alternate digital payment methods.

If you can, open a second bank account as backup, and keep some or half of your savings in there. That way, if the safety of your savings is compromised in one of the banks, you still have the other half in another despite the losses you may sustain.

Not everybody has it

restaurant online payment system Malaysia is loose

Not everybody has big notes and options to pay digitally, so you are in a pickle if you have no money in your wallet and that option is absent. Remember that you still need a modern phone to use e-wallets or so, and phones in general are pricey. Plus, some people may not even choose to enable digital payment options because exchanging hard cash is faster.

Don’t forget to have loose change in your wallet too, in case the sellers do not have any smaller denominations to give you such. The loose change can also be spent on others such as donation boxes or tips to employees.

Controlled spending habits

It can be tempting to drain your digital money so easily, especially when payday is close by and you want to celebrate the end of the month with something a little more extravagant. Alright, but why pay digitally when you can pay with your own cash?

It is so easy to spend digitally that your initially planned spending budget might increase because you decide to take a little more risk by ordering another appetizer, further increasing your bill. Count the service taxes and if you are unlucky, your dinner will end with a number that might give you a heart attack.

Paying with cash alone allows you to control your spending habits and avoid similar incidents like above, as you can instantly count them in your hands and keep yourself in touch with the reality of spending your money. You may feel a bit glum if your cash is starting to dwindle from your wallet, but at least you will now know how important it is to spend wisely.