A lot of people, when they say that they are renting the place where they live, often call their place an apartment. However, are all units, houses or rooms that are for rent called an apartment? If not, then what really defines an apartment?

The most common pick for those people who opted to rent their residences is apartments. When we talk about apartments, the term “unit” will always come up. Unit means one portion of a bigger one, in case of apartments, a building. The Mutiara Damansara apartment in Malaysia is a very big building that consists of a number of units. Each unit is an apartment that can be rented by different individuals. However the ownership of each unit will still be in the hands of landowners; the people living in it will be called renters.

Since apartments are highly sought after by people who need a living space, apartment owners have also developed their apartments and equipped it with a lot of things to help ease the renter’s way of living. However, if you are planning to rent an apartment, it would be best to know the advantages and disadvantages of renting one.


One of the best features of an apartment, especially nowadays, is that landowners make sure that the apartments come with the amenities that will help renters with their apartment life. Segambut apartments are installed with air-conditioner, kitchenette, a dining area, LCD TV with satellite Channels. It includes other amenities like washing machine, refrigerator, coffee maker and others. Some high- end apartments even have pools, gyms, playgrounds and elevators.

Since apartments are owned and managed by landowners, then maintenance as well as support help may be available on-site.


One of the scariest parts of renting an apartment is when you reach the point in life when you are all out of money to pay the rent. If the renter fails to pay the rent then the landowner will have no choice to let the renter be physically removed from the apartment. This is a worst case for those renters who don’t have anywhere to stay. Since you are only a renter, the owner has all the rights to kick you out. This can also be the case if you break the rules of the lease agreement or if when your term of lease is over.

Most of the apartments have a lot of restrictions. This may include curfew, noise making, redesigning and bringing of pets. So if you are a pet lover, then an apartment may not be the best choice for you. However, there are also few apartments that allow pets just like some of the apartments in Mont Kiara, Malaysia. If you don’t like walking, then an apartment may also not be good for you since you may not always be accommodated in the ground floor.

Unlike owning a house for yourself, renting an apartment can not be considered an investment for your future or in short, you can not expect to gain anything in the future when renting an apartment. Renting apartment is only for having a roof above your head as of the moment or for as long as you can pay the rent for your apartment. Although people who have a preferred apartment will only remain as a renter, most people still prefer apartments because of its affordability and a less stressful community. 

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