I think in the 21st century, people just do not talk about ships enough. There are a lot of ships out there but I am sure if anyone were to bring up ships, you would think of a cruise ship like Titanic, correct? Well, allow me to broaden your knowledge about ships. I know it is sort of useless knowledge but hey, as a lot of people say, useless knowledge is often useful. Maybe you would encounter a pop quiz about ships and you could answer correctly, who knows? So, let’s get into the types of ships and what they are used for.

Service Ships

There are several types of service ships. The definition of this literally means ships that are meant for service. They could even be involved in vessel charters Malaysia. Service ships usually include ships like industrial ships and cargo ships. Industrial ships are usually the ones used for fishing and processing fish. Those ships are responsible for the fish fillets and canned tuna that we eat every day. Cargo ships do as the name suggests, they are used to transport things from one point to another, usually things that could not travel by land or air. Service ships help society a lot, especially nowadays with a lot of shipping needed. 


Yachts are basically fancy ships. Not really like a cruise ship but somewhat similar. People, usually rich people, buy yachts so that they can enjoy a night out in the sea, maybe plan a romantic dinner night or even host small gatherings. I say rich people because yachts are very expensive. Especially if you were to get one with your own money. Nonetheless, yachts are very nice to own so that you have the freedom of going out to sea as you please. But even if you were not planning on buying and owning a yacht just for one occasion, you could always rent one. Couples usually rent yachts to hold weddings because it’s not too big and just the right amount of space to accommodate their guests. 


Ferries are usually considered transportation ships as well. They don’t really transport big containers or large cargo but are usually used to transport people, be it those with cars or without cars. In the horror movie, “The Ring”, it was shown how a ferry transports people with cars, without cars and maybe small cargo like transporting horses or luggage. 

Cruise Ships

Unlike ferries, cruise ships and yachts usually do not transport things or people from one point to another. As the name suggests, it’s usually just a cruise. Maybe across the ocean and back or on long trips. For example, the first and unfortunately the only time the Titanic sailed out was to test the ship of its strengths and show people that the largest ship, at the time, had many interesting amenities and facilities. They had dining areas, a pool, hundreds of rooms on their many floors too. Cruise ships usually sail for several days before returning to their original spot. You could even get income on a cruise ship by managing their restaurants on board.