Check this list with your schools or universities to know whether you have found any of these items at your school or not. 

Fume hood

Fume Hood is a common thing to see within university laboratories for teaching chemistry related careers. Whether you are doing inorganic chemicals, synthetics, drugs, cleanings, or agricultural chemo, a standard fume hood with all of its functions could support you in maintaining a productive yet safe environment. You could conveniently achieve this with lab fume hoods supplier Malaysia, MyLab+. They are advocates in providing and distributing lab furnishing to industrial, school, university, research, and hospital sector laboratories. Most 

Fume Hood works like a ventilated enclosure that traps and separates gases from the experiments, keeping the work area clean and protected. An exhausted fan up the roof would suck out the airborne contaminated air and dump it out through lines of pipe. 

Petri dish

In case your university offers biochemical laboratories for any biotechnology-related science education. The petri dish would be the item that you could randomly stumble on your way across the hall. They are a series of shallow and varying size and transparent lidded dishes that biologists use to implant, hold, and grow bacteria. The specimen cells of bacteria will be collected from the sample with cotton buds – most of the time – and lightly rubbed on the dish. Then the dish will be placed in an incubator to facilitate the bacteria in a suitable environment for growth.


Most universities are now offering gym facilities for students to maintain their health, they can also be used for the school sports teams to train themselves too. Most students who usually go to the gym will take this perk and stay after school and spend time in the university gym. The most common gym facilities here are treadmills and weights. 


If your university is an art school or integrated art as one of its teaching curriculums then this should happen to be in the corner of your eyes more frequently. Most art students or schools after a contest or an assessment period will have their works exhibited across the hall. This is to generate a sense of actual exhibition for the art student but also a way to beautify the schools. Moreover, if your school is not art-integrated, then you could still see these canvases across the halls due to their aesthetic appeal and could be used to display the school’s chant or inspirational quotes.

Super glue

Super glue could be used in many different ways and situations which any kind of university should always have. From art, sport, construction, technology, biology or chemistry, and even business university. Super glue appears everywhere within universities or any other academic infrastructure. They are a handy tool for repairing, crafting, and even experimenting with. 

Cosmetic tools

This more commonly appears within schools or universities that have a larger amount of female percentage than male. Sometimes in bathrooms, classrooms, or the halls, people could witness half-used lipsticks, moisture creams, and makeup remover cotton. Some other common things would be concealer, foundation, and fake eyelashes. 

Lint roller 

A male teacher forgot to clean up his clothes from the previous night’s party and should need one of these on their car or their office desk. This is used to remove any small pieces of cloth, fabrics, and dust from people’s clothes, especially pants.