The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) is renowned for its dedication and commitment to maintaining law and order in the country. Within the ranks of the RMP, there exist several specialized units and divisions whose exceptional skills and expertise are crucial in ensuring the safety and security of the nation. Two such prominent units are the Special Action Unit (UTK) and the General Operations Force (GOF). In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of these elite forces and shed light on their remarkable contribution to maintaining peace in Malaysia.

The Special Action Unit (UTK)

The Special Action Unit, better known by its Malay acronym UTK (Unit Tindakhas), is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and prestigious divisions within the RMP. Renowned for its lightning-fast response and formidable combat skills, UTK consists of highly trained officers handpicked from various backgrounds within the police force.

UTK specializes in counter-terrorism, high-risk hostage situations, and other dangerous operations that require swift and precise action. Equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, tactical gear, and advanced training, UTK officers are well-prepared to tackle any threat that poses a risk to national security.

Often operating undercover, UTK officers possess excellent investigative skills and are adept at infiltrating criminal organizations and terrorist networks. Their ability to gather intelligence covertly is instrumental in preventing various criminal activities, ensuring the safety of the public, and upholding the integrity of the RMP.

The General Operations Force (GOF)

Another specialized division that plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order is the General Operations Force, known in Malay as Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA). The GOF primarily focuses on combating organized crime, border security, and maintaining public order in remote and challenging environments.

Tracing its roots back to the days of the Malayan Emergency, the GOF has evolved into an elite force well-versed in jungle warfare and unconventional missions. They undergo rigorous training to enhance their survival skills, combat proficiency, and tactical knowledge in harsh terrains.

The GOF operates in teams, each comprising highly trained personnel proficient in various disciplines such as marksmanship, combat medicine, and reconnaissance. Their versatility enables them to carry out a wide range of operations effectively, such as anti-smuggling efforts, border surveillance, and counterinsurgency.


The Special Action Unit (UTK) and General Operations Force (GOF) epitomize the dedication and commitment of the Royal Malaysian Police in ensuring the safety and security of Malaysia. These specialized units, each with their unique set of skills, play a pivotal role in combating organized crime, terrorism, and maintaining public order.

Through their unwavering bravery and professionalism, UTK and GOF have become the pride of the nation. As they carry out their duties with utmost sincerity, their contributions shine as a beacon of hope, assuring Malaysians they are in safe hands.

FAQ Section

Q1: Are UTK and GOF only involved in national operations?
A: While UTK and GOF primarily focus on national operations, they may also team up with international counterparts to combat transnational crimes and participate in peacekeeping missions abroad.

Q2: Can civilians join UTK or GOF?
A: No, both UTK and GOF are specialized units within the Royal Malaysian Police and are exclusively reserved for police personnel who meet rigorous selection criteria.

Q3: How long is the training for UTK and GOF officers?
A: The training duration for UTK and GOF officers is rigorous and demanding, lasting between six to twelve months. The comprehensive training ensures the officers are skilled, physically fit, and mentally prepared to handle a variety of operational challenges.

Remember, these FAQ answers are meant only as general information. For more accurate and detailed information, it is advisable to contact the Royal Malaysian Police directly.