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Well, both men and women do masturbate during their free time. However, women are often looked down on when they were talking about masturbation or anything related to sexual activities, especially in Malaysia. This topic is still taboo in our society to the point that women are not comfortable talking about it publicly. Why is that? Female masturbation has been widely known and practiced across the world. However, there are very few women who would open up about it bravely.

 As a matter of a fact, females should not be ashamed or afraid to talk about their masturbation habits with other people as it is not exactly a bad thing. In fact, female masturbation is proven to bring benefits to women’s health. 

Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

Many people are not aware of this but masturbation is actually good for your help whether you are a man or a woman. However, in this article, we are going to focus on the health benefits that masturbation can bring to women. Does your health really benefit from masturbation? The answer is, yes, it does! In general, masturbation does help in reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing pain, and boosting your brain. However, masturbation has a huge positive impact specifically on women.

Do you know, that women who masturbate at least once a week got a chance to have a regular and healthy blood flow circulation and menstruation? How cool is that! Not only that, but female masturbation can also help regulate the hormones of your reproductive systems such as the ovaries, uterus and vagina. Without realizing it, you can improve your health as a woman while enjoying your spice time.

Female Masturbation Techniques

Ladies! If you are thinking of trying different masturbation techniques, here is a list of them that you can try;

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  1. Put on Lube

Lube is really the key that can help you feel full pleasure during your masturbation session. How is that possible? Well, when you are using lube, it will make you extra wet on your genitals which will increase your sense of orgasms. 

  1. Pillow Humping

This technique is especially useful for those who are just starting to masturbate. The reason is, that pillows are a lot softer than other objects that you can try to stimulate until you feel the orgasms. Humping on the pillows will help you feel good and increase your sexual pleasure.

  1. Sex Toys

Using sex toys is not a new trend. People have been using them during masturbating for ages. Sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and anal toys can help boost your sexual orgasms whether you are doing it alone by yourself or with a partner. You can get sex toys in Malaysia Secret Cherry to enjoy your sweet and sexy time. 

  1. Try Different Places

\Many people think when you are masturbating, you must do it in your bedroom. Well, this perspective is wrong. There are no specific restrictions for you to enjoy your masturbation session in different places. Other than in public, you can do it in the shower, bathtub, or in your living room. Try different places for your masturbation session might help boost your sense of orgasm.

  1. Change Position

Instead of enjoying your masturbation session lying on your back, you can also try new different positions that might increase your excitement. Whether you are going solo or with a partner, you can try the doggie-style or spooning for your masturbation position.