Breastfeeding is actually the best natural way to feed your baby. But do you know that some people are struggling with it?

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You will have to learn how to overcome the struggles by reading and gaining as much knowledge as you can get about breastfeeding. Be prepared with the consequences way before breastfeeding so you will know what to do and how to deal with it.

There are a lot of struggles that breastfeeding mothers will encounter throughout the process; physically and mentally. In some cases, mental condition will affect the physical condition during breastfeeding.

1.       Painful latching

Painful latching is one of the most common struggles during the breastfeeding journey. Good latching is important as the baby will get enough milk and will cause you less pain. You have to know how to make sure the baby is latching comfortably or else, the baby will not get enough milk.

There are some factors that could help with your latching journey:

–          Your position

–          Baby’s position

–          Early intervention.

If you think the condition might affect you and your baby, go to the hospital and ask for a lactation consult. They will help you to figure out what you will have to do for you and your baby.

2.       Thrush

If you notice white patches in your baby’s mouth, that may be having thrush. It makes your baby feel uncomfortable and will be cranky and may be refusing breastfeed.

Thrush is a kind of yeast infection caused by yeast or fungus that actually can be passed to your breast through breastfeeding. It can easily be treated by antifungal medication but you still have to be careful with it. Go to the clinic or hospital if you see the thrush does not get any better.

3.       Cracked nipples

Cracked nipples are also one of the most common struggles for breastfeeding mothers and it is very uncomfortable and makes you stressed. The situation is mainly because your nipple areas are too dry as your baby will keep on sucking.

To heal the uneasiness, you can let your breast milk drip out and gently put it around your breast and nipple area. It will moisturize the areas and help to reduce the cracks and pain. Other than that, you can also apply Lansinoh nipple cream to help with it. You can easily get the cream at the pharmacy counter or buy it online before you start breastfeeding your baby.

4.       Clogged duct

Clogged duct usually happens when your baby refuses to latch on your breast.  It will hurt your breast and sometimes will cause a lump on your breast. Wearing your nursing bra too tight might as well be the factor, so always buy a nursing bra in a comfortable size; not too tight and not too loose.

Having your baby to breastfeed might help to unclog the clogged duct but it may have caused infections, so it is better for you to get help from the professionals.

5.       Mental exhaustion

Breastfeeding will not only exhaust you physically but also mentally and emotionally. Baby does not want to breastfeed? Baby keep on waking up in the middle of the night? Back pain and cracked nipple? These are all the factors that affect your mental and emotional health.

Having a good support system will help you to get better everyday.