Since the pandemic outbreak hit, the little one’s learning activities were temporarily diverted. If at first the learning process was carried out with the Teacher at school, now it has to be with Mom and Dad at home. Of course, parents are required to play an active role in assisting their little ones to learn. So that children do not feel bored when studying at home with the same activities, Mom and Dad can invite them to experiment. There are lots of simple experiments that can be done at home with easily available ingredients. It is undeniable that children will find it easier to understand the material being taught when they try what they learn for themselves.

By conducting simple experiments, children can feel, see, hear or smell their work firsthand. This process can stimulate your child’s brain and ability to reason. In addition, your little one will find evidence that science is something fun and not only related to chemicals or technology. The experiments carried out can make your little one closer to nature and the objects around him. Of course, it builds a bond between parent and child. That’s why sometimes we need some equipment or lab, you can check in this link lab furniture Malaysia for further information.

Well, here are simple experimental ideas that parents can do with their children at home:

  • Balloons That Inflate Without Inflating

A simple experiment this time can prove that air or gas exists even though it is invisible. How fun is it to inflate a balloon without blowing it?. Come on, Mom and Dad can help your little one prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1 Bottle of soft drink
  • 1 piece balloon
  • 1 Pack of Mentos Candy

Procedure :

  1. First, put the mentos candy into the balloon.
  2. Then, attach the mouth of the balloon to the end of the coke bottle.
  3. Pour the mentos candy inside the balloon
  4. The reaction of the mentos candy that meets the fizzy drink allows the balloon to inflate on its own without having to bother blowing it.

What causes this to occur?

It turns out that mixing soft drinks and Mentos candy results in the production of carbon dioxide gas. Explosion of carbon dioxide gas fills the balloon’s gaps, causing the balloon to expand.

  • Have Fun With Magnets

This experiment invites children to get to know magnets, and how they work. Previously, you need to prepare some equipment such as:

  • Magnets
  • Key
  • Glass cup
  • Wood
  • Stainless steel spoon or fork
  • Pin
  • Rubber
  • Plastic

How this experiment works:

  1. The first step, put all the objects on the table
  2. Ask your child to bring the magnet closer to these objects.
  3. Ask children to group which objects are magnetized and which are not
  4. Invite the child to try to point the magnet at other objects around the house, such as iron fences and others.

What is the conclusion?

Mom and Dad can explain the conclusion of a simple experiment that has just been done. That magnet can attract objects that contain elements of stainless steels, iron or steel. While magnets cannot attract objects made of glass, plastic, rubber or wood.