You have extra space and room in your apartment and you are thinking of renting the space to someone. Perhaps you might be thinking of getting a roommate in your apartment. However, you are also thinking about whether getting a roommate will be a great idea or not? 

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Well, this article will help you to make that decision and you can see the pros and cons of having a roommate in your apartment. 

Pro: Save Money 

That is the whole purpose of you finding a roommate, it is to save your money from paying the rent every month. Having a roommate can help you to lessen your financial burden because they will certainly need to pay half of the rent every month. Besides paying the rent, they will also need to pay bills like water, electricity, and wifi.

Pro: Friends 

Living with someone means that you will have friends 24/7 and you wouldn’t even feel lonely. Just like the famous tv series friends, it can be great and fun having a roommate and also friends living with you. Imagine all of the pajama party and movie parties that you will have with your roommate. 

Pro: Clean It Together 

You no longer need to clean the whole house by yourself, instead, you can split the chores and do it together, cleaning day will be more fun, efficient and quick. You can even make a cleaning schedule where you can split house chores like doing the dishes and doing the laundry. This way you can clean do the whole house without having too tired yourself. 

Wow! That does seem like a whole lot of fun, right? Well, before you start posting your roommate advertisement, you might want to see what are the cons that you might be facing when you have a roommate. 

Cons: Less Privacy 

There is no doubt that having a roommate means that you no longer can lounge around the house in your underwear. You will have less privacy once you have a roommate and you might even considering installing the Selangor operable wall system because you want that sweet privacy back.

Cons: Messy and Loud 

They can be messy and loud all of the time. Instead of cleaning the house together maybe you will be cleaning the house all by yourself and it’s not even your mess. You will be cleaning for their mess, and they will be loud blasting their music or talking to the phone in the middle of the night. That definitely sounds like a roommate from hell.

Cons: Losing Stuff

When you are living alone and you keep losing your stuff it might be due to misplaced. But, now that you have a roommate it might be because of them, your clothes, your makeup, and even your food. It’s like living with your younger sister who constantly keeps borrowing your stuff without your permission all over again.

So, these are some of the pros and cons of having a roommate that you need to consider carefully. You might have a new best friend that lives together with you or you might just found the new enemy that you are living together with.