Living in this amazing country filled with diverse cultures, there is one thing in particular that always shines. Let me tell you, it’s not the various races living in harmony, nor is it the different religions that are able to coexist peacefully. The one thing that shines the brightest in our Malaysian culture is the amazing cuisine we have. From Chinese food to Indian food, to Malay food and many more. We also have traditional food from the aborigines of the country to modified cuisines of other countries like Japanese, Korean, Thai cuisine and so on. 

My point is that our cuisine is such that it has made cooking a massive part of our lives. This is why, in Malaysia, many professional chefs and amateur cooks alike, find it easier to have their own kitchen cooking tool set. So what is a kitchen cooking toolset? And why do chefs find it essential to have one?

A kitchen cooking toolset is a set of equipment that is used by chefs and cooks to aid in the preparation of food. These tools are created in different shapes, sizes and materials in order to ensure the cooking process is smooth. Not only does having your own kitchen toolset make your life easier as it smoothens the cooking process, but it also helps as you will be able to create the delicacies of your choosing without having to change the recipe as you already have all the tools needed to complete your dish. 

Here are some tools that are included in your kitchen set.

Kitchen cooking tool set Malaysia


Probably the most common is your knife set. Having a set of knives may not seem important to many, but trust me when I say that it has its uses. Of course, it isn’t necessary for you to get the entire knife set, however, certain knives are a must. If you must settle for only a single knife, then I would suggest getting a handy-dandy stainless steel cleaver. This is because a cleaver is multipurpose. It may seem weird at first, dicing your veggies and slicing your fruits with a cleaver, but it gets easier to handle as time goes by. Most importantly, you won’t have to go looking for a knife able to cut your meat with, as your cleaver’s main purpose was for that.   


Now, once you’ve sliced and diced all that is needed, you need something to cook your food in. personally having skillets are easier to cook with as just like a cleaver, they are multipurpose. You could get two types, a cast-iron skillet and a nonstick skillet. For nonstick skillets, it is perfect to cook food that doesn’t require much cooking time, such as eggs, vegetables as well as stir-fried meals. Cast-iron skillets on the other hand are more suited to cooking meat as it requires high temperatures and cast-iron skillets are able to heat up fast and retain high temperatures.    


Finally, once you have tossed your ingredients into your skillet, it’s time to stir. This is where a spatula comes in. There are several types of spatulas that are made for various uses. However, if you are one who is adamant about only having one, a stainless steel spatula would probably be the best choice.