No doubt that one of the famous children’s ambitions is to become a doctor. But how could the parents help their children’s dreams becoming true? There is a common belief that becoming a doctor is hard. That might be the case years back, but now, it is actually easier to become a doctor. Attending a medical school in Malaysia is the basic step for your children in their journey to becoming a doctor. 


Before entering medical school in Malaysia, it is wise to say that your child needs to enrol in the science stream classes. These classes include the subject of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These subjects are one of the requirements to be accepted into medical school. These classes will provide your children with the basics of learning in the medical field. 

Taking the classes is not enough. Some medical schools will need the results from B+ to A+ for them to accept your children. With that, you might consider putting your children in tuition classes so they will have extra hours supervised by a qualified teacher. These extra hours will help to gain the needed grade for medical school. 

While your children are busy receiving the education they needed. You might as well start to make your own research about the best medical school for them. 

medical school in Malaysia

Staying Local or Going Overseas?

Considering to enrol your children into a local medical school or overseas? First of all, you need to see your financial status and the savings that you have put aside for college funds. If you think it is sufficient enough to support you throughout the whole medical school year, then you may proceed to apply for overseas medical school. 

However, the wise decision that you can make is to enroll your children in a local medical school. Not just it will cost you a little less but there is also a higher chance for your children to receive scholarships from the government or the institution. 

Choosing a local medical school also will help to develop local health facilities and systems to be better. As the country is in a deficit of doctors, graduating from a local medical school can help to ease the problem. Also, it will help to have your children’s support system to be near them. Medical school can affect their mental health if they don’t have a strong support system. 

medical school in Malaysia

Medical School Benefits

The most obvious advantage is graduating with a well-respected and professional occupation. Starting wages might not be as high as those of a more experienced doctor but still higher than other graduates. Most medical schools have their own hospital or are associated with a medical facility that will help the graduated secure a place for their housemanship. 

The journey of becoming a doctor consists of various life experiences and knowledge. While others are stuck in their desk work, medical school graduates could be a part of life-saving opportunities and be involved in thrilling work life. There are no boring days at the workplace!