Managing your investments without an SAP integrated business planning Malaysia is just asking for trouble and unnecessary workload. The Investment Management, or IM, is an SAP system that can do the work for you.

Investment simply refers to any measure that you put your finances into and generate revenue higher than your initial sum or other benefits after a certain period of time. The financial measures where IM will be used to manage them are capital investments, such as the acquisition of fixed assets after a purchase, invested research and development, overhead projects such as establishing new markets and maintenance programs.

IM has four main components: Investment Program, Appropriation Requests, Investment Measures and Information System.

Investment Program

The Investment Program serves to plan and monitor your company’s investment budgets with different measures on a cyclical basis. You can assign investment program positions with investment measures or appropriation requests, which will be integrated into the investment planning process. 

You can also budget and oversee the measures in the program itself.

The advantage of investment programs in SAP is their direct-integration with individual measures, which helps you be aware of your comprehensive budget overrun should it happen. External acquisitions and internal costs can also be monitored.

Appropriation Requests

This component assists in the investment process of planning and making decisions about any investment that is going to be implemented. More specifically, it grants you the ability to represent investment wishes or research and development ideas in the phase prior to actually putting them in place.

Pre-investment analysis can be carried out for appropriation requests. An investment program is also in play when including planned investments in annual plans. When the appropriation requests are approved, the information will be passed on to the measure prior to its deployment.

Investment Measures

Measures enable you to manage the accounting and controlling aspects of two things. Either the measures that your company undertakes to produce long-fixed term assets for itself while they are entered in the balance sheet as construction assets, or other measures that you want to plan, collect and oversee costs.

Measures are represented in SAP by internal orders or WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements, with possible assets under construction (AuC) assigned to them.

Information System

SAP integrated business planning Malaysia

The IM Information System plans and monitors investment programs in your company. It contains drilldown reports for the plan’s analysis, budget and true values in the programs, as well as measures and their appropriation requests. Master data and plan values of appropriation requests are also evaluated.

The Information Systems of CO, Overhead Cost Controlling (COOM OPA) and Project System (PS), are integrated in the IM Information System to report on measures. 

In the assets’ views, depreciation forecasts and those showing the origins of debits that were settled to assets were recorded. The depreciation forecast in the component integrates Asset Accounting and Investment Management. Thanks to this, it is possible to include capitalized assets and planned investments together in the depreciation forecasts.

The IM Information System has two area menus: one to view reports from investment program viewpoints and one from appropriation requests viewpoints.