When instructing schoolchildren in science, it’s crucial to move beyond the confines of textbooks and theoretical understanding. To better grasp what is being taught in class, students are required to see and use a variety of materials and tools. We refer to this as practical learning. With all the technical names and terminology to memorise, science might be tedious for some students. It will pique the desire to learn the sciences and reveal that science is enjoyable with hands-on learning! You can have laboratory research equipment Malaysia to have more hands-on learning with your student. 


The best tools for combining chemicals, dissolving or stirring solutions, heating or cooling liquids, and performing water baths are beakers. Some beakers have a beak-shaped nozzle, a flat bottom, and a broad opening for easier holding. Some beakers, however, are also offered in test tube shapes.

Conical Flask

This laboratory equipment is useful when you wish to agitate or mix liquids without running the risk of spills. It features a small mouth that widens as it approaches the bottom. Due to its small opening, you can safely set it aside for later use by closing it with a glass or rubber band. By fastening it on a ring stand, it may also be used to heat things.

Burettes and Pipettes

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Burettes and pipettes are devices that resemble very narrow tubes and are used to transport extremely small amounts of liquid. It is utilized to accurately distribute liquid. Despite serving the same objective, they can both be applied in various ways. Burette is larger than a pipette. Their releasing method is the primary distinction. A pipette uses a dropper-like mechanism to discharge liquid at the correct level by lowering the vacuum, but a burette has a stopper at the bottom.

Lab Stand 

With the help of rings or clamps, lab stands can hold a flask or a beaker over a heat source. Depending on your precise needs, they come in a variety of designs and clamp/ring sizes.

It is also important to have safety equipment inside your school lab. This is to prevent anything happen to your student or to take first-aid action quickly before helps arrive. Here is some safety equipment that should be inside your lab. 

Chemical Fume Hood

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This hood is a more professional-level standard. Students in their final year that need to do research projects are advised to use this. It helps to prevent chemical substances’ vapour to contaminate the user and the whole lab. The attached exhaust on the hood will suck out the contaminated air and release it outside the lab. If the student is handling the explosive substance, it could prevent the student from harm if ever any bad thing happens. 

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a portable active fire defence tool used to put out or control small fires. They are typically packed with a dry or wet chemical. In a laboratory, we never know what will happen. Furthermore, students tend to be careless inside the lab especially when they are excited or being playful with their friends. Sometimes, they could bump into a beaker with chemicals inside and cause a small fire. A fire extinguisher comes in handy at these times and needs to be located outside the laboratory.