Have you ever heard of industrial valves? If you have not, it is perfectly normal. Only a number of people would understand the term since it is a niche topic. Valves refer to a component that is involved in any scenario where the flow of gas and liquid is concerned. In fact, there are valves all over your home right now. For instance, your kitchen sink has a valve that controls the flow of water in and out of it. 

Industrial valves on the other hand work similarly to the normal valves, just at a more complex level. Industrial valves are built to withstand extremely high fluid and gas pressures. These valves are able to survive through the harshest of environments, as they are industrial-strength and heavy-duty valves. 

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Industrial valves are reproduced using a casting method, where it is shaped with molten heat. Valve manufacturers provide companies and industries with appropriate valves for their respective uses. Many types of valves exist, but these four valves are the most commonly used for industrial applications. 

Butterfly valves

The main purpose of these valves is to regulate the flow of substances. However, these valves come with limited control capability. Butterfly valves are usually utilized for wastewater treatment, gas and water supplies as well as within fire protections. Other than that, they are used in fuel handling systems, in oil and chemical industries, and for power generation. 

Ball Valves

The name of the valves provides a description of how it works. A ball is used in this valve to control substance flow between the two openings. There are several applications of these valves. They are utilized in the natural gas and oil industry, as well as in a number of manufacturing sectors, and for chemical storage. Plus, do not be surprised if you find these around your house, as they are designed for residential uses too. 

Check valves

Another term for check valves is Non Return Valve (NRV). This also describes its main function. Check valves ensures that the liquid flows in one direction alone. The valve prevents any backflow of substances that could eventually damage any equipment or disrupt the process. 

The applications of check valves are boundless as they are of simple design. Industries that use check valves include petrochemical, refining, water, steam, viscous fluids, and oilfield production. On top of that, they can be found in manufacturing and waste-water management systems. 

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Gate valves

These valves function as isolation valves. Gate valves allow the control of liquid flow through pipes. The valves allow the stop and start of liquid flow. The valves are designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures. The advantages of using these types of valves include being able to use it both ways in a circuit, providing laminar flow, saving energy and has reduced costs of ownership. Gate valves are commonly found in commercial centers and homes. 

These are just brief introductions to industrial valves. If you are planning on using these valves, you can buy building materials online in Malaysia at Unitrade.