As a normal human, every new year we have a list of new goals for ourselves. This thing happens yearly exactly the same to the workers out there.

Living with goals to achieve actually can help you in planning your day and months in your planner. Some people like to plan things for their life a year before, some prefer it to be months before while some prefer it to be a day or an hour before.

For people who likes to plan their days on the very last minute they will always have to put pressure on their self every time they need to make a new decision this is because they don’t expect some occasion will happen on the next day or they tend to forget about it because they don’t even jot it down in their planner or maybe they don’t even have any planner to write the important dates in their life.

If you are the type of person who prefers to plan things out earlier, then this article is for you because the chances of you to touch your goals is higher compared to others who like their life to be unorganized or they prefer to actually just remember it using their mind.

While for the unemployed out there if you tend to look for jobs in Malaysia, organize your day first so that you don’t have to face days that you are late for work or forget to pick up your kids from their nursery. Below are the steps that can help you in getting your target by the end of the year.

#1. Jot down on things you want to achieve

Jotting down things doesn’t mean you are one of the nerdy or something near that, you are actually trying to gather your things and put your life together. Jot down things here means you can either use your smartphone, notebook, laptop or even your tabs. There are a lot of applications out there in the apple store and Google play store that provide you a place for you to set your reminder, update your schedule and write about your day. For example applications that can help you in organizing your tasks and daily schedule are Pendo, Productive and Timespread Timetable. These apps provide you your own space for you to start organizing your daily life and they also provide a different space for you to put your daily, monthly and yearly goals. With this method you can actually keep your goals on track easily since you will always stick to your smartphone wherever you go you’ll tag them along with you.

#2. Focus on the goals

Having goals means you have a purpose to live in this world. It is some type of way common sense that when you aim for something you need to put a little extra focus on it.

Extra focus here means when you are influenced to waste your time you need to always remind yourself that you have goals to be achieved by the end of the year and you don’t really have much time to be wasted. This doesn’t mean that you cannot go out with your family member or your best friends, you can but know your time limit, and if your target is related to money then you have to know that you have limited money to spend on the day out.

Unless you already make another allocation for days where you feel like going out to at least have some fun or to be spent on your wardrobe or buy expensive and branded brands for yourself since it counted as self-treatment after a long tiring day of hustling in the office.

#3. Look for motivation

Setting goals at work is extraordinary for mapping out enormous picture targets and wins for the year. To stay positive is good but being demotivated is normal for us creatures that live on this earth.

Get yourself a friend, if you prefer to keep your circle small or a group of friends because you are the type of person who likes to be surrounded by a lot of friends and make sure that they can always give you moral support and not the one that always gives you negative input about you and brings you down.

#4. Make a comparison with the year before

Comparison here means the demonstration of discovering the distinctions and similarities between at least two individuals or things and it is not a bad thing to look for. Some things, you prefer to not look at it again but for achieving goals case you need to look back at our past years again this is because you need to compare our current goals and the past is it the same or not, look back at our old pace and question yourself again whether you want to use that type of pace in chasing your target or you want the current pace to be better than the last time.

#5. Track your goals

Tracking your goals can help you in achieving your goals on time. It plays an important part in this challenge yet it doesn’t really need a lot of work to be done. You just have to list down anything that you have worked for or put effort for the goals. By tracking your goals can also help you when you feel distracted or motivated. When troubles arise, it’s good to hear that progress is being made. Once in a while when you have your head down and are charging towards the end goal, it tends to be hard to realize exactly how close you are and hearing the advancement can urge you to make that last effort to get over the finishing line.

To summarize it all, putting goals is done on a regular basis. The time when one chooses to get out of bed and walk out to face the world, one of the purposes have been met. Targeting goals has turned out to be significant in everyday capacities. It enables somebody to get from which level they are standing currently to where they need to be. A few targets are harder to be reached, than others. Instructing is normally thought of is an objective setting calling. People look for the help from mentors to enable them to set their targets and make an activity intend to arrive at their goals. Managing goals is utilized in numerous features throughout one’s life. Occupation execution, individual increase, vocation change, and another leisure activity are for the most part reasons why individuals set objectives.

Based on my observation where I have once discussed how having goals can help an increment work execution and inspire representatives inherently. Lastly, to achieve your dreams you need to work for it because things don’t come easily. If you don’t work for it you will go nowhere but only a human walking with thousands of wishes inside you.