It’s imperative that everyone is honest with their insurance companies regarding their insurance policies and that includes having high-risk hobbies. Insurance protects you and your family in case there are unpredictable events. That is why many people who have high-risk hobbies buy insurance protection plan for death Malaysia. Hence, having a high-risk hobby will make it more likely that one could die and more likely to trigger a payout.

Without honesty from your insurance company, it could affect the payout. In some cases, your policy could be canceled and your family wouldn’t get any benefits. With that in mind, here are a few high-risk hobbies you should be honest to your insurance company.  


Just like how it sounds, skydivers jump out of a plane for an adrenaline rush. According to statistics, 15 skydivers met a fatal end in the United States in 2019. On average, 3.3 million skydivers take part in the activity every year. In addition, how often a person skydive affects their insurance as well. If one jumps for more than 50 times per year then there should be an increase in their insurance coverage expenses. 

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Rock Climbing

There are many types of rock climbing. The expense of your life insurance depends on the type of rock climbing you’re involved in. Scaling walls in a gym has a lower risk compared to rock climbing outdoors. Meanwhile, free climbing and mountain climbing pose high risks.  Thus the expenses of your coverage will depend on where your expedition takes place, the routes, and if there is any supervision from a professional. 


This is a riskier form of motorcycle riding and may stumble upon trouble more often than expected. Motocross is more dangerous than riding through trails because the tracks are poses a higher risk due to the stunts riders will perform. Such as jumps, and various other dangerous obstacles. Therefore riders are more exposed to injuries and fatality when they get involved with this activity, so it’s not a surprise that insurance expenses might increase.  

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This goes the same as being a pilot, it affects one’s insurance policy. Likewise, it’s the same as flying for fun. This type of hobby has high risk. Precautions can be taken in general aviation to make it safer, just as insurance policies would disclose. Such as flight time, pilot license, and the type of aircraft – all of this could have an impact on your insurance policy that covers general aviation. 

Hang Gliding

The type of hang gliding plays a role in insurance policies. Such as motorized or non-motorized gliding. In addition, location, weather, and the surrounding where your gliding takes place could affect your insurance policy as well.