It is obvious that it is not currently advisable to actually go in search of “for sale” ads. The safest option now to find real estate is to probe real estate sites. There are a lot of websites with listings where you can see all the information and data you need to decide if a property is a good investment opportunity or not. Moreover, most sites offer a lot of professional photos and even virtual tours of the available properties. Some websites will even provide an analysis regarding the Taman Desa, but check out Petaling Jaya condo for rent or Mont Kiara new condo.

Help from real estate agents

Hiring a real estate agent is always a good idea for novice investors, but it is even more beneficial during the current pandemic. Real estate agents are professionals with a lot of connections and access to a lot of resources. Thus, they can arrange meetings with anyone during the process of buying real estate. Therefore, working with a real estate agent is one of the best ways to stay safe as a real estate investor in these special conditions.

Do you want to buy a plot of land? 5 tips to keep in mind

When a person decides to purchase land to build a home, he must take into account several decisive factors, such as the area where the lot is located, who the neighbors are and what utilities the property has.

After choosing the area, the client goes to the actual search of the plot of land, being able to opt for the help of a real estate agent, who has the duty to check all the documents of the owner, so that there are no construction bans, withdrawals or underground pipes.

In the existence of utilities

After choosing the area and the plot of land, the buyer must request from the seller an Urbanism Certificate and a network plan. Among these documents are the construction parameters related to the lot, underground networks, all construction restrictions, as well as all the necessary authorizations in case of a real estate development.

You want to buy your next home, but you don’t have a personal contribution! You want to know if it is possible to borrow from the bank without a personal contribution. Generally, a bank recommends a personal contribution of at least 20% of the borrowed capital. But in reality, many households do not have enough input to cope with this condition. And yet, they still own their homes! Here are some tips that will help you buy your home without making a personal contribution.

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