The evolution of marketing has advanced along with the evolution of technology. These two industries work hand in hand. Marketing followed the technological innovations to stay up-to-date. If they failed to do this, they would fail in their duties of advertising and promotion. 

Digital marketing involves promotional activities that are carried out using the internet or digital devices. In this day and age, digital marketing is found in tablets, smartphones, computers and any other electronic devices. Essentially, the concept includes marketing on any device that has display capability. These promotional activities come in forms such as display advertisements, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media posts and online videos. 

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Before digital marketing, came traditional marketing. Previously, before the modern age of technological innovation, marketing was carried out using billboards, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and direct mail. Television is surprisingly categorised under traditional marketing. At the current rate technology is advancing, it will not be long until traditional marketing no longer exists. 

If you are starting a business, and are uncertain of the benefits of digital marketing for your business, keep reading. Here are six reasons why digital marketing will be useful for your business. 

It is cost-efficient 

Digital marketing allows you to save costs. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is lower in cost. When it comes to traditional marketing, the costs for television advertisements and magazine ads can be extremely high. Plus, television companies and channels usually exert more control over the scheduling. This will affect your reach in many ways. Furthermore, it doesn’t assure you that the target audience for your brand is reached. 

When it comes to digital marketing, you are able to ensure that you reach your target audience. Think of the email blasts you receive whenever you sign up for a subscription or brand. They come in every week and are sent to you because they know you will enjoy their products. That’s digital marketing. You can tailor the promotions to the intended target audience, and you will be able to fix or add last-minute details easily. Furthermore, these tasks need fewer people, so you have to pay less as well. Digital marketing is less costly and more convenient.

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It reaches a broad demographics and geographics

The internet has the capability of connecting people, no matter where you are in the world. Digital marketing uses this feature to its advantage. When you post advertising material online, people from all over the world can see advertisements. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone online can see the advertisement, it just means that the ad has the capability to reach customers from different regions. It should be noted that, if you limit your advertisement geographically, people from other countries will not be able to see it.

When there is an increase in customers, there is an increase in the customer demographic. You will be able to reach customers of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. It allows your brand and business to expand horizons. Once you have gathered more customers, your client base will grow, and your business will expand with it. 

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It allows easy personalization 

One of the many advantages of digital marketing is that you are able to collect data feedback from the ads you post. A post online can track the traffic it attracts. The data collected during these tracking sessions are able to facilitate in the perfecting of your marketing strategies. You can track the type of people who read the post or take a second longer on said post. You are also able to keep track of the number of views per post. The data collected from your post can help you tailor the next campaign so it is more personalised. 

When you personalise an advertisement, your customers are most likely to be attracted to it. They believe that the advertisement is related to them, as they can use the products you are promoting. More customer traffic means more sales and more profit. Digital marketing allows you to access data that will be useful for your promotional activities. 

It produces quantifiable results

Similar to the previous post, collecting data is important for your business’s development. How do you know if your online ad is working? How do you know if it has attracted any customers to your brand? This is when the data comes in. The collected data will be able to inform you of the analytics that could aid your business. The data will be used to strategise your next and future campaigns. If you fail to determine whether the campaigns work, you will be investing all that money for nothing. Yes, digital marketing is less costly than traditional marketing, but it still costs you money at the end of the day. It will all go down the drain if you can’t determine the effectiveness of your advertisements and promotions. So, digital marketing allows you to process the data collected, and use it to plan future marketing strategies. 

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It increases your connection with your customers

When you post online, especially on social media, you are able to connect to your customers at a more personal level. You are able to communicate with them in real-time. You will receive updates almost immediately, from the likes to the comments of a social media post. When you interact with the comments by replying to them, the customers feel appreciated and seen. Plus, you can also detect any issues or complaints about your brand. You will be able to deal with the issue, and retain their loyalty at the same time. When your post attracts more engagement, it increases your customer base and ensures their brand loyalty like no other. On top of that, the post can be shared and re-posted on their social media accounts. This increases the buzz of your brand and eventually increases brand engagement. 

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