A particular device that helps in measuring how much liquid or gas that moves through a pipeline in a specific period of time is called the flow meter. There are a lot of different types under the roof of the flow meter. The measurement of the flow meter is crucial because it impacts the visibility of what and where it flows within the pipes and valves. This process is also known as the siemens flow meter malaysia. One of the most common flow meter pipes used would be the  electromagnetic flowmeter. This is used more widely in the area of the plumbing and piping. 

How does it work ?

The flow of liquid in a pipe is measured by magnetic flowmeters using Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. A magnetic field is created and directed into the liquid passing through the pipe in a magnetic flowmeter. According to Faraday’s Law, electrodes placed on the flow tube walls will detect a voltage signal as a conductive liquid flows across the magnetic field. The fluid travels more quickly which eventually produces higher voltage. According to Faraday’s Law, the voltage produced is inversely proportional to the flow rate of the flowing liquid. To determine liquid flow, the electronic transmitter analyses the voltage signal.

Where is it often used 

Since it doesn’t rust and is mostly durable, it is often used in their water and wastewater industry. It is also put into use in the chemical, food and also drink industries. The pharmaceutical industries also use this often.

Why you need to use the electromagnetic flowmeters 

These flow meters were introduced long ago and its technology has become more advanced when it comes to measuring the flow. These metres are also referred to as mag flow metres and also magnetic flow meters. The main reasons to why people in the area of plumbing often use this is because of its numerous advantages over all the other competing technologies. This is particularly in terms of precision and dependability. There are also other advantages when it comes to these types of meters like stated below 


First up it has a very minimal and simple design with no external moving parts. This would ensure the reduction of risk due to underlying issues like risk of breakdown or repair. You can save time from having to get it fixed all the time. Other than that it is mechanically unrestricted and usually equipped with abrasion or inert liners. The best part of all is that it is durable against abrasion and corrosion which is why people often use it for all types of plumbing work. It can also be used for usage of water. It also typically consumes a low power consumption and is also available in the version where it is battery operated. Don’t be afraid that the battery would wear off pretty fast because a single battery pack would last for up to 8 years. There come various types and pressure ranges where you can really find the one that suits the project of your needs.